November 26 - 27, 2021

Diagnosis and Early Orthodontic Treatment

In this course you will learn directly from two of the greatest specialists of these days in the orthodontics field, Dr. Chris Baker & Dr. Bradford Edgren.

"This course is packed full of cases, mechanics, life-transformations, and absolutely magnificent pearls and wisdom."

The course will detail through case after case after case, things you wish you’d known before, things you know but can use in even greater ways, and things you do even now, without realizing their total potential.

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Featured Presenters

Dr. Chris Baker

P E D I A T R I C    O R T H O D O N T I S T


Dr. Bradford Edgren

D E N T A L    S U R G E O N



November, 26 & 27:
9:30 am - 2:30 pm

Discussion Topics

In this course you will learn from top to bottom techniques and details in Diagnosis and Early Orthodontic Treatment just as:

1. How your RMODS comprehensive ceph diagnosis is the key to your success as it leads and reveals to you what you NEED to know to create your plan of treatment and mechanics, and then you will see how going back to the CCD can guide you to the needed responses to your the patient’s human organism.

2. The amazing uses of the RMODS in primary dentition treatment cases and infant and toddler treatment of Cl III. 

3. Information from your CCD to help in your airway diagnostics which are crucial to life transformation in the growing child with poor oxygenation, poor breathing, and resultant skeletal adverse growth Cases can demonstrate use of habit control and expansion that can diminish or resolve the phsycologic dysoxygenosis and adverse skeletal growth.

4. Comprehensive Mixed Dentition treatment cases treated to address all three planes, A-P, vertical and transverse, changing lives through functional and esthetic changes.

5. Cases to review treatment plans and Mechanics that can reduce treatment time, improve growth and create beautiful faces.

6. Sagittal Correction first, both in Mixed Dentition and Adolescent and Permanent Dentition that is fun, rewarding and easy. And, how to get the compliance with the elastic wear that will give the patient and you the success they need.

7. Cases looking at finishing mechanics, pearls and methods of dealing with the challenges will show some great ways of addressing the things both in a preventive way, and in a treatment approach toward the end of treatment.

8. Cases in retention, to show why retention works, and why retention doesn’t work, through study of the body physiology with which you work in each patient, design modifications in retention, both Phase I and Final Phase Ortho tx.


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